Republic of Malawi


“Unity and Freedom”


“O God Bless Our Land of Malawi”


Capital: Lilongwe
Largest City: Lilongwe
Total area: 118,484 sq km
Climate: Sub-tropical, rainy season, dry season
Natural resources: Limestone, arable land, hydropower, unexploited deposits of uranium, coal, and bauxite
Border countries: Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia

People and Society

Population: 17,964,697
Demonym: Malawian
Languages: English (official), Chichewa (common), Chinyanja, Chiyao,
Chitumbuka, Chilomwe, Chinkhonde, Chingoni, Chisena, Chitonga, Chinyakyusa, Chilambya
Ethnic groups: Chewa, Lomwe, Yao, Ngoni, Tumbuka, Nyanja, Sena, Tonga, Ngonde
Religions: Christian, Muslim


Independence: 6 July 1964 (from the UK)
Government type: Multiparty democracy
Chief of state: Arthur Peter MUTHARIKA (since 2014)


Currency: Kwacha
Exports: Tobacco, tea, sugar, cotton, coffee, peanuts, wood products, apparel
Industries: Tobacco, tea, sugar, sawmill products, cement, consumer goods

Tourism and Attraction

Rift Valley
Mumbo Island
Ntchisi Forest Reserve
Liwonde National Park

Visiting Malawi
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