Republic of Seychelles


“Finis Coronat Opus” (Latin)
“The End Crowns the Work”


“Koste Seselwa”(Seychellois Creole)
“Join together all Seychellois


Capital: Victoria
Largest City: Victoria
Total area: 455 sq km
Climate: Tropical marine, humid, cooler season during southeast monsoon,
warmer season during northwest monsoon
Natural resources: Fish, coconuts (copra), cinnamon trees
Nearest countries: Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius

People and Society

Population: 92,430
Demonym: Seychellois
Languages: Seychellois Creole (official), English (official), French (official)
Ethnic groups: mixed French, African, Indian, Chinese, and Arab
Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Pentecoastal Assembly, Seventh-Day Adventist, Hindu, Muslim


Independence: 29 June 1976 (from the UK)
Government type: Republic
Chief of state: James Alix MICHEL (since 14 April 2004)


Currency: Seychellois rupee
Exports: Canned tuna, frozen fish, petroleum products (reexports)
Industries: Fishing, tourism, beverages

Tourism and Attraction

Aride Island Nature Reserve
Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve – Praslin Island
Aldabra is the world’s second-largest coral atoll

Visiting Seychelles
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