• Gifted54 exists for the promotion and development of the 54 gifted and independent nations of Africa.

    Gifted54 is an online community and magazine for young Africans around the world. It aims to represent the beauty, greatness and friends of Africa by publicizing global success stories, captivating African thinkers, imaginative African community leaders and African history.

    Gifted54 tells stories of empowerment through great men and women whose struggles, triumphs and accomplishments not only have impacts on their communities but also on Africa. These stories involve politics, business, sports, entertainment, culture and education.

    Gifted54 provides inspirational stories about future leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. It also gives advice on personal development, professional life, business, relationships and health. It is not just a magazine but a movement for the awareness of positive changes happening in, and intended for, Africa.

  • Gifted54 aims to educate the world about Africa’s positive attributes. We want to be the bridge that connects the young African Diaspora to Africa.

    Gifted54 believes that young Africans need new beliefs and a positive depiction of themselves. We know that it is our responsibility as young Africans around the world to bring restoration and stability to Africa our mother continent in order to end violence, poverty, self-hate and lack of education and financial instability.

    To accomplish our ambition we teach and work with one another through love and respect.

    The revival of the Mother continent! 

  • Michael Alhassan, Founder & CEO