At Gifted54, we love bringing to light young entrepreneurs of the African diaspora who decided to contribute in any shape or form to the progress of their continent. Here is an eye-opening interview with 24 years old Noella Elloh, who launched on the day of her birthday – 10th of December 2016 – Brace Media, an online magazine which ‘Encourage excellence in every way’.

Could you please introduce yourself?

Noella Elloh, 24 years old born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire. I lived in France – Montpellier precisely – for 3 years while studying a BA in Communication, which I obtained in 2013. I then moved to Montreal where I currently live and work. I have graduated from the University of Quebec with my MA in Communication and Sustainable Development and I am working in the Sales and Marketing department of a biopharmaceutical company.

Have you always loved writing? How did your passion for writing got materialized?

I fell in love with writing at a very young age, as I was always carrying a book and losing myself in all those stories. My mother used to brag to her friends that I was saving the little money I had to buy new books.

I think my passion for writing, as I grew up, came from the freedom of expression that words and characters gave me. There is a certain beauty that words can create which makes me feel liberated when I write, introduce characters, and challenge my imagination. In fact, I was an early blogger in my country; I started my blog way before it became a trend. Indeed, that blog was my way of letting the world into my crazy mind, showcase my love for art, and share my thoughts about Africa.

What is Brace Media and what inspired you to create this platform?

Brace means support and it also stands for Representing Black Excellence. I dream of a continent where we empower and inspire each other in a fraternal way, and that dream is what inspired Brace Media. I also realized that the journey of an entrepreneur is not always easy and as social animals, we need to constantly be motivated and reminded by other people success that our own is possible. Each country in our continent has an amazing culture that we need to showcase; Africa is rising and must keep rising. I believe everybody has a role to play in that mission. If you are a painter or a fashion designer, your methods, processes, fabrics or materials and your ability to link those to your community contribute to more sustainable development for our continent and our people.

Based on your experience, what are the main elements someone need when creating an online magazine? How did you stay focused to achieve your goal?
I am constantly reminding myself that the only person I need to be focusing on is myself because I can’t be intimidated by anyone. You have to be consistent and always ask yourself: what do you want to bring to the world? That being said, it really has been a lot of work! Yet, I have enjoyed every part of it – even the frustration and failures – that’s when you realize how passionate you are and that passion is everything.

Any exciting topics that will be covered in the magazine or features with celebrities?
The sky is the limit for Brace Media. We have some great interviews; loads of honest discussions with amazing entrepreneurs from so many different backgrounds and from all over the continent. From opening an art gallery to being a social media phenomenon, we have a pretty awesome line-up coming.

What advice would you give to someone willing to create a blog?
If you want a great blog, be ready to lose some sleep. Also, do not be scared to approach people and ask for favors, but be ready to return those favors because life is a two-way street. Most importantly, pick like-minded individuals and create your support system.

How do you see Brace Media in the future?
I see Brace Media as one of the most successful African PR and Advertising agency and of course a best-selling magazine. I started this journey as blogger but my love for printed media is very real. There is nothing more tangible than meaningful words on white pages.

Gifted 54 thanks you so much for this motivational interview and we wish you luck in this journey.