This weekend of Halloween 2015, the Black Entertainment, Film, Fashion, Television and Arts (BEFFTA) UK Awards took place for the 7th time in a row and greatly fulfilled its mission: Celebrating and honouring in the showbiz and entertainment industry, the creme de la creme of the black and ethnic communities.

Founded by Pauline Long, an inspiring and talented Kenyan entrepreneur, this year award ceremony took place in a festive atmosphere but also dedicated a minute of silence to the late Sam Sarpong and paid respect his family. Plus, it didn’t fail to reward outstanding achievements and showcase the diversity of talents through performances such as that of Jaiho, whose charming voice captivated the audience.

The BEFFTA also offered a platform to network with people in the industry and Gifted54 didn’t miss the opportunity to interview some of those hardworking individuals. Valentine, a Cameroonian singer/dancer/songwriter, who set the stage on fire with his energetic performance stated that he was very excited about the event and much grateful that he got recognised for what he does. He also added that this award bringing people together to celebrate the known and unknown of the industry is a great cause.

Malawian fashion designer Dama Phiri who won an award for ‘Best Female Fashion Designer’ came with her husband and was also honoured to be part of the award ceremony. The bubbly comedian Melanie Gayle, shared that being nominated for this award was a great experience as she got an opportunity to tour with OH TV. She encourages people to go for their dreams no matter how old they may be.

Here is an overview of the winners of some of the categories:

  • Best UK Afrobeats Newcomer: Mistony
  • Best Photographer: Josh Daniels
  • Best Male Fashion Designer: Kwame Koranteng
  • Best Female Fashion Designer: Dama Phiri
  • Best Female Model: Elesha Turner
  • Best TV Station: VoxAfrica
  • Best Webseries: Brothers With No Game


  • Lifetime Achievement award: Justina Mutale
  • Leadership Award: Dr Nkem Ezeilo


For more information visit the official website of the BEFFTA.

Photo credit: Michael Alhassan