What comes to mind when you think of Africa?

Well, before travelling to Ghana I didn’t have a clue what I would see. Friends and family spoke of Ghana as a place of too much freedom. The media tells me it’s a poor place hammering on the negatives of Africa.

An African city is a drama based in Ghana created on Youtube by an African-American Nicole Amarteifiothat. She sought to show people a different perspective of Africa through her series on YouTube whilst tackling some of the misunderstood issues.

If you are looking for sex in the city you might enjoy this YouTube series, it’s full of humour and interesting characters who also happen to be confident, strong, educated and empowering African women taking over in the African nation.

These boisterous five women seek to explore the city of Africa and educate themselves and others on the importance of specific issues that rose on the African city series. One thing I can say about this programme is it exudes excitement and a less negative version of Africa as seen in western media outlets.

What is different about this show?

Well the creator of the African city took control of her own project and independently produced and directed the series without any help from the big TV stations and put out on YouTube with the help of a small group of supporters.

As the episodes continued to be uploaded regularly an interest came and popularity of the show grew so vastly that viewers begged for more. You can’t deny it is a gripping and hilarious online series that will also have you anticipating the next episode. It is a light hearted series capturing the truth about Africa. Aren’t you intrigued by the motherland? Don’t you want to know the birth place of many successful Africans that paved the way?

Here is episode one for you to enjoy: