The Museum of Islamic Art at the Majorelle Garden

Let’s celebrate Morocco with one of its most visited place: The Jardin Majorelle. Situated in the heart of Marrakesh, The Jardin Majorelle is a splendid botanical garden: a masterpiece created by French landscape painter Jacques Majorelle. Designed in the 1920s when Morocco was still a French protectorate, this impressive garden hosts a variety of plants from around the world such as palm trees, cacti and exotic bamboos which serve as haven to many bird species. However, on top of its series of fountains and walkways that give the garden an eternal serenity is this intense blue cobalt that recovers Jacques Majorelle’s old workshop which is now the Islamic Art Museum of Marrakech. Contrasting with the vivid primary colours of the garden, this building houses crafts from Morocco and North Africa such as metalwork, jewellery, textiles and traditional pottery.

Jardin Majorelle