Nigerian artist Oresegun Olumide has become a social media sensation with his oil paintings. Oresegun’s paintings which he has described as ‘hyper reality’ have gone viral for their life like depictions.

Oresegun studied fine art at the Yaba College Technology in Lagos, Nigeria. By 2008, he began painting professionally and by 2011 he hosted his first exhibition at a gallery in a small town in Lagos called Ikorodu. The exhibition was a huge success and received great reviews. As a result of this, the gallery hosted Mr Olumide’s second exhibition in 2014.

Between 2014 and now Oresegun has been working on his third exhibition. He recently took to Facebook where he posted two of his latest paintings which went viral and were shared over 50, 000 times. One of the pictures posted, portrays children playing in water where he captures the true essence of hyperrealism.

Hyperrealism refers to a style of painting and sculpture developed in mid-19th century in which figures and scenes are depicted as they are experienced or might be experienced in everyday life.

When asked about his work Oresegun Olumide spoke to CNN and described his art as a, “A gradual process, taking around two to three weeks to create individual pieces. And depending on the intricacy I want to achieve, it can take a couple of months.” He also spoke about the recurring water theme in a majority of his paintings, relating it to a well-known proverb in his native Yoruba language “water has no enemy.”

Currently Oresegun’s paintings are priced at 200,000 Naira (£700). However with his new fame to social media, those prices are likely to soar.